Ataxia Disability Insurance Benefits Claim

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Ataxia involves a lack of muscle coordination during voluntary movements, such as walking, your speech, your eye movements and your ability to swallow.  There are two main types of of this serious disorder: hereditary ataxia, where the symptoms develop slowly over many years and are caused by underlying problems with the genes, and acute ataxia, where the symptoms develop suddenly due to a related trauma, injury, or health condition, such as a stroke. Acute ataxia can be a relatively common complication of conditions such as stroke, encephalitis (infection of the brain), and multiple sclerosis. If you suffer from ataxia, and your claim for long term disability benefits was denied, you need an experienced attorney to get you the benefits you deserve. The process for appealing your claim to the insurance is complicated. It's not as simply as requesting that the insurance company reconsider their decision. Your appeal must include the legal and medical basis entitling you to receive benefits under your long term disability policy. That's why you need a lawyer who will work with your doctors.

Suffering From Ataxia Disorder? You Need a Lawyer to Appeal

For more information on the process and complexities involved in filing a formal administrative appeal, please read the following article:
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