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Don't Fight Prudential Alone

At Walker & Hern, our lawyers have years of experience handling Prudential disability claims, denials and lawsuits. If your Prudential disability claim was denied or terminated, we will work with your doctors and prepare and file your formal administrative appeal to Prudential. If need be, we will also sue Prudential in federal court to win your benefits. We have provided representation to long-term disability claimants in all regions of the United States. We have won millions of dollars in benefits for our clients by tirelessly fighting on their behalf. Don't be deceived by the letter your received denying your benefits. You're next letter to the insurance company should be prepared by a lawyer, or you may lose your benefits forever.

ERISA is a Complex Federal Law that's Been Rigged Against You

Many disability policies are governed by a federal law that enables Prudential to deny valid claims for disability payments. The legal question is not whether you are disabled, and not whether you deserve benefits. The legal question is whether the decision to deny your claim is legally sustainable. Basically, an insurance company need only show that that their decision was not arbitrary and capricious, based on the information that's in your claim file at the time they deny or terminate your long term disability benefits. You should not attempt to fight Prudential without an attorney. You need a lawyer to prepare your appeal, and to fight for your long term disability benefits from the very start.

You Need the Experienced Disability Lawyers of Walker & Hern

Winning your long term disability claim requires the knowledge and experience of lawyers with a record of success. At Walker & Hern, we will provide you with personal attention, we'll work with your doctors, and we'll fight Prudential on appeal and in federal court, to win the benefits you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation. Don't delay, and don't go it alone.