Is a lump-sum settlement right for you?  If you are already receiving monthly long-term disability benefits, you still face an uncertain future with respect to whether your insurance company will find another excuse for terminating your valid claim.  It’s not enough that you are disabled as defined by the terms of your policy.  It’s always possible that the insurance company will find a technical basis for terminating your benefits at some time in the near or distant future.

Living with this type of economic uncertain can be a source of great stress.  However, if you’re receiving benefits under the so-called “Any Occupation” definition of disability (meaning that the insurance company determined that you are now unable to work in a job that would pay you 60-80 percent or more of you pre-disability income), then we can help you achieve financial certainty and stability.

Walker & Hern Negotiate Lump-Sum Settlement of Your Claim

For other clients, Walker & Hern has successfully negotiated a lump-sum settlement of their full claim for benefits.  We may be able to do the same for you.  We will represent you in negotiations with your insurance company for a one-time settlement payment your entire claim, through the maximum date of eligibility.  Naturally , this payment will be an amount that takes into account the present value of payments that could be made to you in the future, and the risk that your benefits might be terminated at some later time.  But there is absolutely no risk in negotiating a lump-sum settlement, because you will ultimately decide whether to accept the offer of settlement.

If you would like to receive a lump-sum settlement that provides you with immediate large cash payment, instead of your regular monthly payments, please call today for a free consultation with J. Brooke Hern, Esq., chair of the firm’s long-term disability benefits practice.

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