Winning your appeal doesn’t mean you will get all of the benefit payments you are entitled to receive in the future.  You will need to protect yourself against future efforts by the insurance company to terminate your benefits.  Once you are receiving long term disability benefits, we will continue to represent you and will respond on your behalf to the insurance company’s ongoing requests for information. The insurance company will contact Walker & Hern, instead of you, with multiple requests for information and telephone interviews.

Walker & Hern will be There to Protect Your Future Benefit Payments

In the months and years ahead, the insurance company will continue to require additional information from you and your doctors, and will make you prove that your eligible for benefits over and over again.  They may even hire a private detective to secretly follow you and video you.  They will monitor your social media accounts.  They will require you to talk with them by telephone and answer questions about your daily life.  The insurance company may require new medical records, sometimes as frequently as once per month.

When it’s necessary for you to answer questions by telephone, we will be with you on each and every call with the insurance company to make sure that your claim file is accurate. We will also work with your doctor to respond to all requests for medical records and interviews with your doctor. As long as you are receiving benefits, we will work to ensure that your claim file is full and complete. We will work hard to prevent your benefits from being terminated again in the future.

Call today for a free consultation with J. Brooke Hern, Esq., chair of the firm’s long-term disability benefits practice.  For more information on why you need a lawyer to appeal, please read the following article: