Experience Against Big Insurance

Our attorneys have successfully represented clients from all over the United States in their fight against big insurance companies. We have taken on Aetna, Cigna, MetLife, Prudential, Guardian Life, Liberty Mutual, Unum, The Hartford, and others. Our experience with each of these insurance companies is extremely valuable to our efforts to win long term disability benefits for new clients.

Time and again, we are contacted by people who deserve benefits, but they’ve been turned down by a major insurance company. You are not alone. Every one of our clients is clearly disabled and should be awarded disability benefits. Legally, however, no one is entitled to benefits solely because they are actually disabled. You are only entitled to receive benefits if you can successfully navigate through your insurance company’s claims and appeal processes.

Every insurance company approaches claims and appeals differently. For example, each insurance company uses different forms and questionnaires that must be completed by you and by your doctors. Each insurance company uses different experts to review your claim. At Walker & Hern, we have experience navigating the treacherous waters that stand between you and the money you deserve. We can use that experience to your advantage, and give you a better chance of winning your claim for long-term disability benefits by making certain your particular insurance company has all of the proof they require approve your claim.


Call us today for a free consultation with J. Brooke Hern, Esq., chair of the firm’s long-term disability practice.

For more information on why you need a lawyer to appeal, please read the following article: http://disabilityinsattorney.com/article/why-you-need-a-lawyer-to-appeal/


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